Sallson Beagles

The Beagle is a small hound, bred for its scenting ability and was meant to be followed on foot by the huntsman.

They have been used successfully for obedience trials and they are an ideal companion in the woods and fields.

It is a hunting dog bred to hunt in packs and is therefore a dog of even temperament. It is one of the best dogs available for a family to love. They are extremely tolerant and love everyone. They are gentle, sweet, loyal and affectionate.

Beagles get along with other pets of various species, not an aggressive watchdog but will give warning when strangers approach if praised for this behavior, otherwise they will accept visitors with a sniff.

The Beagle will play with the kids, make a skilled hunter and sit at their owner’s feet in quiet times. The male is as friendly, mild and easy to live with as the female.

They are thoughtful, clever dogs, which are not too active unless taken on hunting trips where their tenacity and stamina shines through.

The coat is short and smooth and comes in a variety of colours, mainly Tri (black, brown and white) and golden tones.


On the hunt they bay to allow the hunter to hear and follow them. The white tip on the tail distinguishes them running through the long grass from their prey.

They will wander off if not kept in a fenced area and by instinct they will dig a hole, usually under a shrub in an out of the way place, to keep cool.

The Beagle is very good at finding its way home if its not raining (washes away the scent) but they have NO road sense.

It will sleep anywhere, eat anything and takes little or no maintenance.

Beagles absolutely love being in the company of their family.